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Cloud Services

Cloud-Native Development

Cloud-Native Development

We can help you develop and deploy your applications to the cloud with the help of our industry-leading consulting team. Our team will help you leverage the powerof the cloud to improve your on-premise solutions, offload analytical and processing data to the cloud for more efficiency and ensure your local solutions are backed up and supported by disaster recovery solutions. The RSK team can develop leading strategies to ensure your native and hybrid operations run smoothly in the cloud..

  • With cloud computing and the help of the RSK team, your applications can take advantage of unparalleled storage, enterprise-level security, and the elasticity of cloud-based computing.
  • We can ensure your backend is fast, reliable, and efficient, it doesn’t matter whether you want to offload your application content and data directly to the cloud as a native application or develop hybrid solutions that leverage both cloud storage and your existing data centers.
  • RSK can assist in moving your applications’ Oracle or SQL based systems to the cloud. If you have Terabytes, or even Petabytes, of data that need to be quickly transferred we can employ tools like Amazon Web Services RedShift and Import/Export services to transfer information physically.
  • We can identify the best server tiers dependent upon your application load. With automatic load scaling solutions, your operations can be scaled back during off-peak hours - increasing your ROI.

Migration Services


RSK’s consultants will migrate applications from On-Premise to the AWS Cloud. We use industry best practices and automated accelerators to plan and then move both our customer's applications and their data to the cloud. Our source migration accelerator access a client's applications dependencies, compute, storage, network and security requirements. The information helps our customers to prioritize applications for migration. Our target migration accelerator generates AWS objects in the AWS Cloud and automates the migration of data.

Cloud Advisory

  • Migrating your company’s operations to the cloud offers unparalleled benefits and cost-saving opportunities, but before your organization can take advantage of what’s available, there are critical decisions to be made; from designing the ideal infrastructure for your operations to strategizing how you deploy and manage your services.
  • RSK’s cloud experts help customers architect systems that take advantage of cloud best practices through frameworks like the AWS Framework.
  • With an industry-leading team of cloud architects, RSK can accurately identify corporate needs and develop cloud solutions that are not only reliable and cost-effective are compliance with top-level enterprise security.
Migration Services

Ensuring agility, scalability and security for your cloud migration

  • RSK’s team of accredited cloud architects can design and implement a custom cloud strategy for your needs with cloud computing.
  • RSK selects the ideal foundation, application, deployment, and management solutions for your project. Amazon Web Services then provides superior global services with servers established in regions across five continents; meaning that no matter where your customers are located, they will receive the same class of experience.
  • For organizations that use an on-premises data center, Amazon’s Web Services can provide critical disaster recovery solutions with cross-region read replicas for easy migrating between different regions of the globe. RSK can provide a recovery strategy by analyzing your company’s current IT infrastructure and then providing reliable cloud-based Disaster-Recovery configurations.
  • Our certified cloud experts ensure the RSK team produces the most secure and efficient practices for your corporate need compliance requirements.
  • We will work one on one with your services to develop custom strategies that translate into increased ROI for your team.

Managed Services

Managed Services

Cloud Infrastructure Management

RSK provides Managed Services for your cloud infrastructure and identified applications running in the cloud and we utilize cloud-specific tools and a global workforce to ensure system availability, performance, and fast problem resolution. Getting your cloud infrastructure up and running is only the first leg of your journey to a highly efficient and adaptable digital workflow. Once the RSK team has strategized a cost-efficient technology stack and your services have been deployed, it is time to manage your configuration, ensure reliability, and maintain ongoing efficiency. When you have a team of experts monitoring your services, cost optimization never stops – as the cloud platform continues to evolve, know that we will be persistently keeping an eye on the latest strategies to produce the most cost- efficient solutions for your business. Whether you are well versed in cloud operations or are just getting started, RSK’s team of accredited cloud architects can design and implement a custom cloud strategy for your needs.

  • RSK has trained and certified cloud architects dedicated to monitoring your system during its entire lifecycle.
  • We ensure that your implementation maintains an enterprise-level of security while keeping alert for any parameters outside of their usual bounds.
  • We ensure that your infrastructure stays in line with HIPAA, PCI, SOC, and FEDRAMP security compliances with a watchful team of trained eyes.
  • RSK provides one-on-one around the clock support to make sure that when you need help, we are there.
  • We help you set up stringent administration and monitoring as the root of maintaining your operational integrity
  • Our team performs continuous performance testing and tuning to make sure you are maximizing your backend at the lowest possible cost.

Security & Compliance

Security & Complianc

Customizing an end-to-end security framework for all stages of cloud deployments

Once your operations are migrated to the cloud, you need to ensure that the data is securely locked away from prying eyes or an intrusion away from becoming public material. Whether customers are entrusting you with their personal information or you are storing sensitive corporate material, RSK can ensure the highest level of cloud-powered security solutions.

  • Our team can help to safeguard your data by establishing essential services are in place, such as network firewalls protecting your cloud, web application firewalls protocols for privacy control, and enterprise-level encryption for data in transit or at rest.
  • RSK provides you with a team of industry expert cloud architects who can produce assessment reports on current server vulnerabilities or note if your practices have deviated from those more secure.
  • We can analyze and determine the correct layers of security needed, scaling them as your project and security needs change over time.
  • Our consultants have extensive knowledge working with clients who require HIPAA, PCI, SOC, and FEDRAMP compliances for their business environment and can ensure that your organization complies with the proper standards and regulations.
  • By ensuring that your applications are using services such as Amazon Web Services CloudTrail, we can make certain that you know exactly how your data is being accessed.
  • Once security precautions have been carefully tailored to your project specifications, we can assist with security testing through cloud-specific toolkit.

Cloud Infrastructure Optimization

Cloud Infrastructure

RSK will assess your current cloud space usage pattern and then suggest optimizations for both performance and cost. We will recommend a mix of On Demand, Reserved, Dedicated and Spot instances that will best meet your requirements at the lowest possible price.

Cloud Infrastructure

Gain Speed & Efficiency for a Higher Quality User Experience

RSK provides expert evaluation of your current environment to help your business establish a stable and durable foundation to support your cloud journey. We work with you to develop an action plan to align your environment your vendor’s prescribed guidelines while also accommodating your organization’s unique needs. This program includes strategic consultation, review of your current state and recommendations on your future cloud environment.


We run diagnostic tools and configure CMP to gain an understanding of your current Azure state.

Cloud Infrastructure

Using the intelligence built into our CMP, we’ll provide recommendations for rightsizing Azure VMs to provide the right balance of performance and cost.

Cloud Services

We’ll develop a prioritized checklist of items to be remediated to bring your environment into alignment with your requirements and best practices.

Cloud Services

During this working session, we’ll discuss current pain points and whiteboard potential solutions.

Cloud Services

We’ll present and discuss results with you to make sure you understand the next steps required to help you use your platform optimally.

Workshops / Labs

Training and Orientation

Training & Orientation

RSK uses certified trainers to lead classes that are designed to help your internal IT team to obtain cloud- specific certifications. Based on where your organization is on its path to the cloud, we can offer customized training that will meet your goals and objectives.

Customized Training from Certified Trainers

Day 1
Bird's eye view of the cloud

Introduction to the cloud

What makes a cloud?

Hands-on demonstration of cloud computing

Cloud Computing Service Models

Cloud Computing deployment models

Advantages of cloud computing

Challenges of cloud computing

Day 2
Deep dive into the cloud

Cloud providers and their offerings

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Windows Azure

Introduction to Force.com from Sales force

Day 3
Administering the Cloud

Server Provisioning

Providing Security

Backup/Recovery of data

High Availability

Server & performance monitoring